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Anthemion Software Ltd. is a small software house based in Edinburgh, UK. Edinburgh has a strong literary tradition, being home to such writers as J.K. Rowling, Ian Rankin, Alexander MacCall Smith, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

As well as software to help writers, we sell tools for software developers, in particular DialogBlocks and HelpBlocks.

Our goal with Writer's Café is to make writing software that our customers use over and over again. We do not believe in very prescriptive approaches to writing, which tend to stifle creativity, and this is reflected in our software. The only person who knows how to structure your particular story is YOU, and so we concentrate on giving you the tools that help your ideas to flow. Our users confirm that this works brilliantly!

Harriet and Julian Dr Julian Smart is technical director of Anthemion Software. He is the founder of the wxWidgets project, a construction kit for applications that run on a variety of computer platforms. Former employers include Red Hat UK Ltd., and the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at the University of Edinburgh. You can read his blog here.

Harriet Smart is creative director of Anthemion Software. She has written five historical novels and one contemporary novel, five of which were published by Headline. She holds an MA in TV screenwriting. Visit her site at www.harrietsmart.com for information about her novels, and e-books to buy. She blogs at FictionWitch.com and you can also catch her at twitter.com/FictionWitch.

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