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Writer's Café 1 Release Notes

Version 1.30, May 6th 2008

  • Added recognition for the Writer's Café 2 key.
  • Fixed a problem with collage text formatting.

Version 1.29, March 12th 2008

  • Improved detection of external applications (for example, PDF viewer) on Windows.

Version 1.28, December 7th 2007

  • Now checks for existing "My Documents" directory on Linux as well as Windows.
  • Added installation script for adding items to Eee PC start menu on Linux.

Version 1.27, December 3rd 2007

  • Added Full Screen display mode.
  • Improved border styles on Windows.
  • Added RPM and Debian packages for Linux.

Version 1.26, October 19th 2007

  • Added crash reporting facility under Windows.
  • Fixed problems running on more recent versions of Linux and GTK+2.

Version 1.25, July 30th 2007

  • Fixed a problem causing scraps to be marked as changed when they're not. This may have contributed to a rare empty text scrap condition.
  • Made text scrap reading more robust to cope with the case of a non-UTF-8 encoding being used to save the note. Also added more error messages in case of scrap save failure.
  • Fixed a sizing bug in the collage shape property dialog.

Version 1.24, June 5th 2007

  • Fixed printing bug for accented or non-European characters.
  • Fixed crash in Writer's Cafe desk in web scraps when external browser is selected.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to paste after the root of the scrapbook project.
  • Improved toolbar appearance in Windows Vista.

Version 1.23, March 29th 2006

  • Web address scrap now launches URL correctly in Mac Unicode version.
  • Fixed some bugs with shortcut keys on Mac.
  • Provided a better font selector on Mac.

Version 1.22, January 14th 2006

  • Added the ability to add custom books to the Bookshelf, using the Books panel in the settings dialog.
  • Added contents viewer for Notebook and Journal, showing a clickable list of pages and a few lines from each page's content.
  • Added ability to set the default document folder.
  • Fixed an error on MacOS due to repeated creation of a Documents folder that is an alias.
  • Text scraps are now encoded in UTF-8 which fixes a bug when entering non-Western European characters.

Version 1.21, December 23rd 2005

  • Added File Management dialog, allowing backup and restoration of project files, plus editing of configurations to associate a scrapbook, notebook and journal.
  • Added spelling checking for journal and notebook.
  • Fixed a problem with auto-paste affecting Mozilla browsers.
  • Prepared for Unicode releases by adding forward-compatibility with files written by the Unicode version.
  • Added German translation of "Fiction: The Facts", called "Einfach Schreiben!"

Version 1.20, November 2nd 2005

  • Now sets the keyboard focus when manipulating objects on a collage scrap, so that deleting objects is possible using the Delete key.
  • Auto-paste on Windows now only happens if the copy interval is more than 100 milliseconds, to avoid auto-paste occurring erroneously when an application pastes several formats to the clipboard simultaneously.
  • Improved scrap cleaning behaviour.
  • Moved scrap settings from General page to Scrapbook page, and added separate checkbox for Use Auto-Paste.
  • Added option Group auto-pasted scraps by date.
  • Select All menu command now enabled in scrap.
  • When importing images, a corrupt image no longer causes infinite error messages.
  • Can now force moving dragging a scrap into a folder by holding down Shift (Ctrl vetoes).
  • On Linux and Mac, now uses home directory for storing tools list.
  • Book and MP3 files are now unscrambled even if running in a read-only directory.
  • Search now applies to the current Journal and Notebook.

Version 1.19, June 21st 2005

  • Fixed problem with copying a hierarchy of scraps.
  • Fixed some refresh problems on Windows.

Version 1.18, May 2nd 2005

  • Fixed font selection for text in collage shapes.
  • On Linux and Mac, the default folder for Journals and Notebooks is now Documents and not the home directory top-level.
  • Now copies the default scrapbook (Scraps) to your document folder, to reduce the risk of overwriting by uninstallation or upgrading in the future.
  • Rebuilt using wxWidgets 2.6.0 on all platforms, giving minor improvements in look and feel.

Version 1.17, October 1st 2004

  • Under Windows, pressing the tab key no longer leaves the browser window.
  • Now ensured that a log message won't get hidden under the splash screen causing a lockup.
  • Fixed paragraph breaks on Mac.
  • Added View multiple scrapbooks option to allow more than one scrapbook to be loaded at a time.
  • Added Go To Date... and Go To Page... menu items to the journal and notebook tool menus respectively.
  • Added Rename... menu item to scrapbook context menu.
  • Added Prompt for scrap titles option to general settings.

Version 1.16, August 11th 2004

  • Further Mac adaptations.
  • Replaced root scrapbook icon.
  • Fixed a bug switching between journals from the drop-down journal menu.
  • Fixed document/application launching when there are spaces in the filename.
  • Tools are regenerated if the application location is moved, to restore broken links.

Version 1.15, August 6th 2004

  • Toolbars now looks better on Windows XP with the Classic style.
  • Added search engine field to browser settings.
  • Journal and notebook print and preview now format paragraphs and line breaks correctly.
  • Added menu commands for Show Notebook in Browser, Show Journal in Browser, and Show Scraps in Browser.

Version 1.14, July 28th 2004

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for scrap creation.
  • Fixed a bug dragging documents within the scrapbook outline.

Version 1.13, July 20th 2004

  • Fixed a save bug in the Journal.
  • Improved search for OpenOffice Writer on Linux.

Version 1.12, July 14th 2004

  • Added WordTiles tool.
  • Changed some graphics.
  • Fixed a problem showing the Settings dialog on Windows 98/Windows ME.
  • Added ability to switch splash screen off.
  • Improved performance when switching back to the main window.

Version 1.11, July 5th 2004

  • Fixed executable launch in Café Menu.
  • Enabled context-sensitive help for tabs.
  • Improved collage saving.
  • Large collage images copied from the clipboard or opened are now scaled.
  • The delete key can be used to delete collage images.
  • Collage image browser dialog now remembers the last image folder.

Version 1.10, June 30th, 2004

  • First public release.

 What's new in StoryLines

Version 1.50, May 6th, 2008

  • Fixed another bug related to creating a project from a template.
  • Fixed problem with project notes being disabled when opening a second file.

Version 1.49, March 12th, 2008

  • Fixed a bug related to creating a project from a template.

Version 1.48, December 7th, 2007

  • Further dialog adaptations for small screens.
  • Fixed a sizing bug in the Floating Card Editor.

Version 1.47, December 3rd, 2007

  • Added Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug adding icons to cards caused by faulty compiler optimization.
  • StoryLines now removes auto-completion characters pasted from other applications, that can cause problems for printing and OpenOffice output.
  • Fixed a bug importing text into Project Notes.
  • Improved border styles on Windows.

Version 1.46, October 19th, 2007

  • Fixed a problem with the Mail Project command.
  • Fixed a bug using a template to create a project.
  • Added crash reporting facility.

Version 1.45, July 30th, 2007

  • Fixed a problem whereby Floating Content Editor would not reappear due to saving settings when minimized.
  • Fixed a sizing problem in the Card Properties dialog.

Version 1.44, June 5th, 2007

  • Fixed the size of the encodings dialog.
  • Fixed tab handling problems on Mac (double tab insertion and spurious window navigation).
  • Fixed problem where on Mac, the Floating Card Editor would be closed when switching to the main document window.
  • Find and Replace is now available from the Floating Card Editor.
  • Fixed drawing of custom column labels when scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug with colouring the outline when moving or creating a card.
  • Improved toolbar appearance in Windows Vista.

Version 1.43, March 29th, 2006

  • Fixed a problem navigating between cards in the Floating Card Editor.
  • Added Players tab to editor, for entering the names of characters that take part in a scene.
  • Added new report elements: Show Players, Show Locations, Show Players Table, Show Locations Table. The tables allow export to applications such as Excel when generating a text report, as they are output in tab-delimited format.
  • Fixed some bugs with shortcut keys on Mac.
  • Fixed a problem on Mac whereby context menu commands were sometimes being duplicated.
  • Provided a better font selector on Mac.
  • Pasting text on Mac now registers as text input (was sometimes ignored previously).

Version 1.42, January 14th, 2006

  • Added ability to mark a paragraph style as Asian, for correct export to OpenOffice.org.
  • Added Report Encodings dialog, to specify encodings for various output formats, and improved report export in non-Western European languages.
  • Fixed crash bug when right-clicking below the last storyline and selected New Card.
  • Improved appearance of card editor tabs.

Version 1.41, December 23rd, 2005

  • Fixed bug in card statistics (incorrect column and storyline counts).
  • Fixed tab traversal on the Basics page of the Project Information dialog. Fields now scroll into view when tabbing into them.
  • Fixed problem with Enter key in Floating Card Window fields on Mac.
  • No longer regenerates report during a drag operation (fixes jerky drag operations).
  • German translation of StoryLines now available on Linux and Mac.

Version 1.40, November 2nd, 2005

  • Fixed error message when pasting cards from clipboard or pockets when the original storyline has been deleted.
  • Added Floating Card Editor, available from the View menu or via F8.
  • Added command to show or hide storyline window.
  • Added card icons, available from the Card Properties dialog and Edit menu.
  • Added Card Statistics page to the Card Properties dialog.
  • Added spelling checker, available from the Edit menu or via F12.
  • Added word count to the Project Summary dialog.
  • Added ability to add italics, bold and underline to content, using HTML markup. This interim solution will be replaced by WYSIWYG functionality in 2006.
  • Fixed duplicate "More Help" button in Quick Tour and tips.
  • Fixed a hang when adding more than 64 storylines.
  • Content highlighting now available on Linux.
  • On Mac, moved Templates and ReportStyles directory above StoryLines application folder.
  • Content highlighting now available on Linux.

Version 1.39, June 21st, 2005

  • Fixed crash on some platforms when deleting a column containing cards on a hidden storyline.
  • Fixed crash on renaming pocket.
  • Added option to "Show card content" report element, to allow showing the content in a separate column.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when choosing a background bitmap.

Version 1.38, May 2nd, 2005

  • Fixed a bug whereby the wrong cards could be deleted in a pocket.
  • Ctrl-right-click no longer causes a crash if you have no storylines.
  • Shift-click, control-click or command-click (Mac) can be used to select a card, without needing to click on the card's selection bar.
  • Cutting a card from the context menu now also copies it to the clipboard.
  • Fixed bug on Mac whereby the current font setting was lost when switching between cards.
  • Can now import from XML template as well as STK.
  • In Content text, no longer interprets text following a colon as a name even if followed by * or >.
  • Fixed a bug when inserting a card into a project where some storylines have been hidden (added the card on the wrong storyline).

Version 1.37, October 1st, 2004

  • Copying cards now copies the card text to the system clipboard as well as StoryLines' internal clipboard.

Version 1.36, August 11th, 2004

  • Further corrections for Mac.
  • On Mac, can hold down shift key to select multiple cards.
  • Fixed disappearing project notes bug.

Version 1.35, August 6th, 2004

  • Fixed a problem showing the colour dialog on Mac.
  • Dialogs all now use the standard text size on Mac.
  • The description, content, annotaton and notes windows can now take more than 32Kb on Windows.

Version 1.34, July 28th, 2004

  • Dragging cards now has a tolerance so positioning doesn't have to be so precise.
  • Clicking on a storyline sets the current storyline selection in the toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug inserting a column in front of the first column.
  • The storyline indicator in the card editor now updates when the card is moved to a different storyline.
  • Content highlighting is now off by default.
  • Added a short story sample file, 'Lena'.

Version 1.33, July 14th, 2004

  • Refresh problem under Windows fixed.

Version 1.32, July 5th, 2004

  • Fixed bug when deleting a storyline containing a card with the current focus.
  • Fixed image export bug.
  • Reimplemented content and image toolbars on Mac.
  • Fixed text selection bug on Mac, when a card is focussed.
  • Fixed master storyline refresh bug when creating or cutting cards.
  • Added "Card order policy" to Aesthetics dialog to allow StoryLines to choose the subcolumn ordering based on storylines order.
  • Under Windows, short-form filenames sent to StoryLines when invoking from Windows Explorer are now converted to long form.

Version 1.31, June 29th, 2004

  • No longer closes the first frame (and StoryLines) if it doesn't succeed in opening the last file.
  • Fixed bug whereby labels could be out of sync when creating new cards.
  • Optimized refresh when creating or deleting cards.

Version 1.30, June 22nd, 2004

  • Updated some graphics in manual and Quick Tour.

Version 1.29, June 22nd, 2004

  • XML export now writes card contents as both plain text and structured data. If plain text is not available on import, it is recreated from the structured data.
  • Reworked most of the icons.
  • Fixed some ordering inconsistencies between outline and master track.
  • Fixed a problem loading card background images.
  • Moved Find and Replace to Edit menu.
  • First German version.

Version 1.28, June 4th, 2004

  • Initialises a default pocket after importing from a template.
  • Now sets the card focus when right-clicking.
  • Added XML import/export; you can use the File Open and Save dialogs to choose your preferred format.
  • Added option to Paragraph Style Editor Dialog to apply all paragraph style changes to the other styles in the report.
  • Added further How To topics and a Troubleshooting section to the manual.
  • Now stores project and card background images in the project file to eliminate the problem of missing backgrounds.

Version 1.27, May 19th, 2004

  • Fixed a bug with commands being directed to wrong window.
  • Fixed custom font bug in card editor.

Version 1.26, May 17th, 2004

  • Added an Image tab to the card editor, allowing one image per card.
  • Added Show Card Image to report styles. Images can be shown in HTML and OpenOffice.org Writer reports.
  • Added Preferred Image Format and Card Display Policy preferences to the Settings dialog.
  • Removed the Project Settings dialog, and added Apply settings to option to allow application of aesthetic settings either to the current project, or to new projects.
  • Scrollbars are adjusted appropriately now when card size changes.
  • The label window now scrolls properly when the storyline window is auto-scrolling.
  • Control-right-clicking no longer inserts a spurious column.
  • Time and location fields can now take arbitrary text.
  • The outline view now scrolls to the appropriate place when a card is focussed.

Version 1.25, April 18th, 2004

  • Bitmap background enabled on Mac.
  • OpenOffice and HTB export enabled on Mac.
  • Various cosmetic Mac improvements.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the author in the new project wizard could unregister StoryLines.
  • Implemented copy, cut and paste of cards.
  • Implemented pockets (holding areas for cards).
  • Del key now deletes selected cards if the storylines window is focussed.
  • Undo and Redo menus and accelerators work again in text controls.
  • Added report selector and settings button on the report window.
  • Reports will be refreshed if the report has just been edited.
  • Added 'tabular' report attribute and new Tabular report style. This shows cards in columns, one column per storyline.

Version 1.24, March 11th, 2004

  • Fixed a bug in edit-in-place that caused StoryLines to crash under Windows 98 SE and Windows ME when the card text control focus was lost.
  • No longer overwrites read-only files.
  • Fixed bug in inheriting card size and bitmap properties from global settings.
  • Uses internal viewer if HelpView isn't found when exporting a .htb report.

Version 1.23, February 13th, 2004

  • Fixed a bug that caused StoryLines to hang on typing a transition with no following newline.
  • Fixed a bug in moving sections when inserting new columns as the result of dragging cards to the start of the project.
  • A Courier font is now used for reports on Linux as well as Windows.
  • Having Numlock on no longer accidentally simulates holding down the Alt key on Linux.
  • Forty Thieves file permissions on Linux now corrected.
  • Now includes storylines.xpm file in Linux distribution.

Version 1.22, January 26th, 2004

  • Changed web site name to www.writerscafe.co.uk.

Version 1.21, January 12th, 2004

  • Fixed problem under Windows where only one page would be printed if you chose to print all pages.
  • Fixed bug when creating a new card with the toolbar hidden.
  • Outline labels are now chopped off after the first newline.
  • Added Project Settings... item to the storyline window context menu.

Version 1.20, January 7th, 2004

  • Fixed vertical scrolling bug.
  • Further work on special characters for OpenOffice headers and footers.

Version 1.19, January 7th 2004

  • StoryLines now limits itself to one running instance. You can still have multiple windows.
  • Fixed apparent non-appearance in the outline window of the first card in a new project.
  • Truncated some tooltips that were being chopped off under Windows.
  • Special characters such as registered and copyright symbols now exported correctly to OpenOffice.org.

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